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High Voltage Motor Air-Water Cooler Series


This product is used for in normal will waste and similar products with special baling, extrusion forming ,which packaged with much smaller, achieve thereby reducing transport volume, save freight, for enterprises to increase efficiency.
Product Details

Product name:High Voltage Motor Air-Water Cooler Series

It is equipped with large and medium-sized AC and DC motors, which has the advantages of good cooling effect, convenient installation and maintenance, energy saving, etc.

Production introduction:

    It is mounted on the top or side of the motor. Its structure is in a steel welded of a fume hood installed fan,cooling device and filter. The inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger and the motor are aligned with each other,form a closed circling sytem. Its function is to send the hot air generated by the motor to the heat exchange device for cooling.

    Hot air and cooling water through the cooling device, relying on the special structure of the cooler to achieve the heat exchange between the gas and water

    Cold water cooler hot air. Out of the machine through circulating flow. Through the continuous circulation of gas and water, the temperature of each part of the motor is kept within the specified range. Filter is to filter the dust in the wind path, such as dust

Working principle:

1.High performance heat exchanger component  is used to ensure the high efficiency of the cooler

2.Adop inner wind guide structure, reduce the pressure drop, windward velocity uniformity

3. Do special treatment for tube plate hole and pipe joint connection structure , eliminate the operation of thermal stress and stress of the expansion tube, the motor system is more reliable

Product characteristics:

1.High efficiency heat exchange components - bimetal extrusion tube: corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, low pressure, large pipe and wing joint stress, complete contact, better heat transfer


2.Structure adjustment optimization: optimized the flow state of cooler inner wind road, reduce the ventilation pressure drop, improve the internal circulation of air, reduce the temperature rise of the motor.


3. Reasonable flow velocity and pressure drop in the pipe (low flow rate easy to scale, high flow rate will increase pressure drop). Ratio of running water and heat capacity is optimum. From the current foreign literature, the measurable indicator of high efficiency cooler is Q (l/s) and the heat exchange capacity M (kW), the cooler designed by our company has met the requirements.


4.Improve water leakage performance:

a.The pipe hole with round groove(See figure a),when tube joint expanded, tube wall metal can be embedded in the circular groove, improves the pull-out force of tube plate and tube joint.


b.The inner core and shell cooler using O type sealing stuffing box type floating structure (See figure B). It can effectively eliminate the operation thermal stress. Even if water leakage, it will not stay in the cooler body. And can handle the leakage without halt, does not affect the motor operation.


c.Adopts pin floating structure (See Figure C), eliminate the pulling-out tension stress caused by tube expanded.


The mechanical dimensions and tolerances of this series of motors conform with the China national standard GB l800-1804 and the ISO standard.

In respect to type of cooling, the motors of these series are of IC611,IC616,and IC81W of China National Standard GB1993 . Other type of cooling are also possible by separate agreement if customer requests.

In respect to type of mounting the motors of these series are of IMB3 horizontal with feet, satisfying the requirements of GB997 and IEC34-7 (Construction and Code for Type of Mounting of Electrical Machines).

Order information

1.Please indicate the motor type,rated output,rated voltage,rated frequency,synchronous speed,Explosion proof Mark,mounting type,rotation direction(view from the shaft extension side)Use of the environment(indoor or outside)If the user havn't point out the rotation and environment,normailly we think is CW roration and used indoor.

2.when user have special requirments,order can be confirmed after signing the technical agreement with engneering and technical department.